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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  February 9, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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their own lives. and 26 of 29 of the first astronauts of nasa's program were eagle scouts. that is cool. thank you for watching, everybody, "studio b" starts now. >>shepard: police say this video show as seven-year-old girl escaping a kidnapping attempt at a walmart. just the suspect served time for manslaughter conviction and details ahead. and the new word from the syrian government, that the syrian government is killing more of its people and the head of the united nations says he fears that the blood shed is going to get worse. the latest onslaughter coming up. have we told you of the millionaire businessman who adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend? quite a legal maneuver. now his teenage kids are fighting it. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b."
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but, first, from fox at 3:00 in new york city after more than a year of negotiations, more than a million struggling homeowners will get much needed relief. the five largest mortgage lenders agree to a deal to reduce loans on those behind on their mortgage and who owe more than their homes are worth. in exchange, 49 states have agreed not to pursue civil suits over so-called robo signing, and oklahoma reached a separate deal. robo signing is the practice where bank employees approved thousands of foreclosures using fake signatures or in some cases without looking at the paperwork. the 25 billion deal does not protect the banks from criminal charges or prosecution. or other deceptive lending practices. and homeowners can still sue lenders. the white house calling in the largest housing settlement, ever. >> banks will put billions toward relief for families across the nation, providing
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refinancing for behalfers that are stuck in high interest rate mortgages and reduce loans for families who owe more on their homes that they are worth, and they will deliver some measure of justice for families that have been victims of abusive practices. >>shepard: the president says today settlement is just a start but how does this $25 billion get divided? >> you start with 750,000 people who will get $2,000 each which is $1.5 billion those who had homes foreclosed upon unfairly. so you get $2,000. i don't what kind of deal that is. another $3.5 billion goes directly to the states. $10 billion for principle reduction for people who are behind on their payments and who are also underwater, $7 billion for other state homeowner
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programs and money for those who are current but are underwater, who would like to refinance but who do not have equity so the banks are having to help them refinance. you mention oklahoma was not part of that, 49 states, oak made a deal before air, a separate deal, to settlement. they did not want to be part of this because we are told they thought president obama went too far. >>shepard: any chance this could spur housing growth? >>guest: i wish. but it doesn't, the basic problem persists: the home values are not what they were. does $2,000 for a home foreclosed upon right anything? it is a step not right direction but you have the problem bringing down principle on homes for people who were not making payments and a lot of people have made payments that will be angry. >>shepard: i thought this was only for those who made payments. maybe everyone will put it back
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into the economy. >>guest: maybe. >>shepard: thank you. the government also putting some of the banks, the same uns, the same ones who played a major role in the financial collapse. according to the "wall street journal" the securities and exchange commission is planning to sue the banks for selling the packages of worthily nearly mortgages. did the banks misrepresent the quality of the packages to the investors? our senior judicial analyst, napolitano is here, on freedom watch. >>guest: this is, really, an unfair shot by the government, when the government has charges against a series of individuals or entities like the banks, it is supposed to take all the defendants on at the same time and in the same place. so, as was just described the banks coughed up $25 billion and the day after the government says we will sue you for something else. would they have coughed up the
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$25 billion to they knew the lawsuit was coming? the courts are not supposed to be used to wear down a department piecemeal with litigation upon litigation but supposed to all be find at once. the government has a difficult job, proving to a judge and a jury the bankers who sole the mortgage backed securities knew they were worthless. that is a high level of proof, five years after the sales, and it will be difficult thing to do. prediction? the banks willcy, -- the banks will cave. >>shepard: and then there would be a deal. >>judge napolitano: that happens all the time. the banks should have some backbone and say, see you in court. prove your case rather than intimidating to cash. >>shepard: there is an issue that i don't know much about, the entire controversy doctrine. >>judge napolitano: this says that when a plaintiff, the government, has numerous claims against defendants, it has to bring all those claims against all those defendants if the claims are connected at the same
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time, in the same courtroom before the same judge so you do not cough up $25 billion on a tuesday and find out on thursday they want another $25 billion. that is what happened here and the government violated the basic principle of fairness which is the law of the land through the whole country. >>guest: i hope you are right. this is what the industry is anticipating by doing this settlement it opens the flood gates and now the banks are like the tobacco companies for years and years lawsuit after lawsuit where they forced to cough up money for this and that and the other thing. >>judge napolitano: this is right when the states sued the tobacco companies the cases were consolidated before one judge. that is where the $7 billion came they coughed up in the tobacco litigation. >>shepard: that seems leak a lot back then. >>judge napolitano: it did. no trial. joe biden squeezing the
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shoulder, give us the cash or else. >>shepard: we will see how the little guy does in all of this. the judge comes on, on "freedom watch," on 8:00 on the east coast. first climbs fell last week for a three year low, 358,000 claims for unemployment benefits down from 15,000 from the previous week. when jobless politicians fall this low it is usually a sign that hiring is getting stronger but there are worries that some are just giving up but it comes after employers added 243,000 jobs last in the biggest gain in nine months and the unemployment rate now officially at 8.3 percent. the head of the united nations said he fears the appalling brutality in syria's third largest city is a grim sign of things to come.
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amateur video here from the central city which we have been speaking every day, activists say that the president assad forces hundreds of home with rocket and mortar attack. the crackdown has killed it is reported more than 7,000 people. the u.n. reports they stopped counting when it got too dangerous. the international community is searching for ways to stop the blood shed after russia and china vetoed a u.n. security council resolution against the slaughter. the chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is here. any progress in coming up with whatever the next step is? >>jonathan: a lost talk but little action. the problem from a u.s. point of view is that the administration does not want to be seen to be leading any action in syria. they want an arab solution to what is essentially an arab
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problem. so, for now, according to state department spokesman, it is all about building consensus. listen. >> our position remains that the international community needs to come together to support those who want change in syria and that we need to accelerate the efforts even after the u.n. security council failure so that the situation doesn't spiral down into the kind of civil war we have all been worried about. >>jonathan: she says a lot people would say there is already a civil war in progress. >>shepard: like people in homs. and senator john mccain has suggested we arm the opposition in this civil war, if you will, and so many have pointed out, including the white house, that could open up a whole new can of worms. >>jonathan: a couple of experts, one military, from the
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center for advance defense studies told me today that we should do it, we should recruit proxies to get weapons into the syrian resistance and he said we have done it before in bosnia and afghanistans. and will from the university of south carolina, a professor said we should use continuecy and jordan to get the weapons in and what they need most are tank missiles. both admit there are a "great deal," of risks involved but according to the military official, it is "our only real and best option." very difficult choice. >>shepard: a lost voices in the mix. jonathan will chat away throughout the hour at and you can go to that ur and click on "on the hunt," livin'. from the time a social worker called 9-1-1 to the time that the fire crews showed up and found josh powell's home burning
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more than 20 minutes passed. next, what happened during that period, and why officials say it should is gone much differently. plus teachers and parent and lawmakers credited size no child left behind law. i'm a marathon runner, in absolute perfect physical condition and i had a heart attack right out of the clear blue... i'm on an aspirin regimen... and i take bayer chewables. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. he's my success story. [ laughs ] the amazing alternative to raisins and cranberries he's my success story. with more fiber, less sugar, and a way better glycemic index. he's clearly enjoying one of the planet's
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>>shepard: new questions about a delay in a police response after josh powell locked his two kids inside his home, attacked them with a hatchet, and killed them and himself in an intentional house fire that started with a gas explosion. that was on sunday. the social worker who brought the kids to the house for a supervised court ordered visit said powell locked her out of the house, and she said she smelled gas so she called 9-1-1. >> we will have someone look for you there. >> how long will it be? >> i don't know they have to respond to emergency life
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threatening situations first. the first available deputy --. >> this could be life threatening. he went to court on wednesday and he didn't get his kids back, and this is, i'm a -- afraid for their lives. >>shepard: a social worker first dialed 9-1-1 at 12:08 p.m. but it took her two minutes to typed powell's home address after another three minutes the operator sent the information to a dispatcher and that dispatcher alerted deputies 2 1/2 minutes after that, and at 12:16 but officials say he labeled the call "routine," rather than emergency. it reportedly took another 14 minutes for officers to arrive on scene and by that time the house was up in flames. officials at the agency that run the 9-1-1 call center say they are investigating and the sheriff detectives say they are "unhappy," with the way the
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operator handled the call but they added unlikely they could have made it into the home in time under any circumstances. and now the lawyers, former prosecutor is here, and criminal defense attorney randy zelin. 20 minutes after the 9-1-1 operator said on the phone, they have to respond to emergency calls first. and he is like "this is an emergency." >>guest: which part of "this could be life threatening," didn't he understand? she was in a panic, it was his job to send them out right ambassador. the dispatchers need to be retrained. there is no criminal liability on this dispatcher. >>shepard: civil liability? >>guest: he will not personally responsible but the municipality is looking at a big lawsuit. >>shepard: you would think. >>randy: you stole my line. but i have for tell you since i sat here and was bombarded with conrad murray didn't do this, he
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screwed this up --. >>shepard: the doctor in the michael jackson case. >>randy: what is the difference in that case from this case? on the best day of the dispatcher he should have known there was a life threatening emergency and have done his job and on the worse day he closed his eyes, disregarded the fact that the woman said this is life threatening, and blows it off and the kids are dead. find me an expert who i say there is no way they could have been saved. they died of smoke inhalation. >>guest: that is an issue for damages. >>randy: not criminally. >>guest: there can be no criminal responsibility because he wasn't criminally negligent or was he reckless and he is not a doctor so there is a different standard of care. the bottom line it comes to the relationship and if you call 9-1-1 and necessity do not answer the phone they have no obligation to respond. once they answer the phone and say they are on way that
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relationship is created and that is where the civil liability comes in, but this is not a criminal against case. >>shepard: it felt like the man on ther end thought he new better how to categorize the woman who was standing outside the house. >>randy: on his best day he should have seen it and didn't, and on his west day, he just consciously disregarded it, but, again, using conrad murray as a measure. >>shepard: leaders in greece have stepped back from one cliff and reach add deal that may prevent another global economic catastrophe and next what this means for us and our money does any mother evefeel like their kids are adults?
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>> leaders in greece have reach add deal on major budget cuts, austerity measures, in an effort to secure a massive $172 billion bailout from other countries. today that helped stocks rise, really, around the world. greece needs the bailout to avoid defaulting on debts but a lot of greeks are protest this deal because it calls for 20 percent cut in the government workforce by the year 2015 and if they default, it could cause a domino effect across europe pushing borrowing costs higher. including in italy. which many agree is too big to
12:23 pm
bail out. with us now is the associate editor at barrons so if 20 percent of the workforce is laid off, that is 20 percent of people who do not money to spend. >>guest: and another part of the agreement, supposed agreement is 22 percent cut in the minimum wage and that usually is used as a benchmark for employers to figure out other people's salary so essentially an across-the-board salary cut and it could be the trap we will see as we have the drumbeat for austerity measures that are not accompanied with other things that could help the economy grow. so, look, this was necessary. it had to happen, so they could meet the next debt payment and they are negotiating with private creditors. that all will be fine in terms of forestalling a crisis but it is not anything good either for the citizens of greece or for the economy of europe. >>shepard: and for long term if you took all the money out of
12:24 pm
the cash employee and middle class people and made them poor ... i don't understand how anyone things that can work down the road. >>guest: really, what it will take is some kind of more general reform of the way that the governments kind run the economies, essentially, so whether it is pro growth economy, or collecting taxes that are actually on the books, that is part of the deal but this is almost, the greek situation is almost an experiment for what we will see elsewhere in terms of trying to use austerity as the instrument to get out of the mess. >>shepard: it sounds very much like what a lot of people are pushing around here, politicians are saying, cut, spend less, lower the size of the government. if all of those people work for government, what can we learn from this experiment they are having over there about downsizing at a time when there are no jobs? it seems ludicrous. >>guest: it is a risk but we have the the luxury of doing
12:25 pm
things incrementally, not so much that march 20 you have a debt payment can you not reach. that is the case in greece. here, it is about setting the pat opposed to, you know, really hacking away in the short-term when the economy is fragile, still. >>shepard: maybe they will get off the euro and we can all vacation this. sorry, michael. >> president obama giving school districts in ten states a free pass excusing them from the requirements from the "no child left behind" law. we will explain what that means. rick santorum, riding a wave after momentum which some say he got after he won three state contests on tuesday. that is translating into money. big money. [ sniffs ] i took dayl
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. the white house today freed ten states from the requirement to the "no child left behind," education law and congress passed that law with enormous bipartisan support under the administration of president george w. bush and it affects all american public schools. half are not achieving the requirements and calls for states to increase standards for math and reading through standardized testing, among other things, but back in
12:30 pm
september the president criticized the law calling it an admirable but flawed effort that actually hurt students instead of helping them. trace has this story live this afternoon. so, ten states get waivers out of the dole. that hurt students instead of helping them. >>trace: and 28 other states are already if line saying they, too, will also seek the waivers because too many of their schools are listed as "failing," and this law had one simple goal, which was by 2014, that every student would be at their grade level when it came to reading and math. well, we are two years away from that goal and half the schools are not even close, so, the law says that those students would have to switch schools, you have to fire the staff of the existing schools or shut the schools down altogether. here is the president. >> standards and accountability are right. closing the achievement gap is good, right goal. we have to stay focused on those
12:31 pm
goals but we have to do it in a way that doesn't force teachers to teach to the test, or encourage schools to lower their standards to avoid being labeled as "failures." >>trace: 38 states have or will seek waivers and california and texas are not among those, and that is a large chunk of our failing schools. >>shepard: ten states get the waves. what happens there? >>trace: the kids would be tasted but the score dozen not carry the same penalties. the experts say the low performing schools would feel the pressure to improve their scores and the states have to show that but mediocre schools have less pressure and more flexibility over how to spend firm dollars. the republicans criticized the president saying he has overreached on this program but unless congress comes up with a
12:32 pm
bipartisan fix which is unlikely, it appears that "no child left behind," could be done. >>shepard: thank you, trace. >> rick santorum riding no found moment up, and the campaign reported they raised $1 million in 24 hours after the foam -- follower senator swept three primaries on tuesday. james you spoke with newt gingrich, what did he say? >>reporter: he denied it is a zero sum game define himself and rick santorum in pursuit of the conservative mantle in this race. he described senator rick santorum love let's tack about him for a second he took the campaign to the two biggest cities in oklahoma, a southern state with 43 delegates to give away and he kept his sights trained squarely on mitt romney.
12:33 pm
>> he supported the "wall street journal" bailout. the man who says i'm the private sector guy, i'm the guy that believes in limited government, i'm the guy that understands the private sector, i'm the guy that creates jobs, manufacturing, energy, and financial services. if he is the private sector guy, i'd like to see the public sector guy. >>reporter: mitt romney drew attention to santorum's history of using earmarks and he staged a queens call with the oklahoma state treasurer and auditor on the subject and the foam massachusetts governor is neil cavuto's exclusive guest on "your world," following this very program. so, don't leave the couple. stay tuned. >>shepard: and newt gingrich, i know you talked to him. >>reporter: we had an exclusive, and he denies it is a zero sum game between he and santorum for the conservative vote but while calling santorum
12:34 pm
a friend started to tee off on the record in congress calling him a bib labor republican who opposed the tea party and lacks bold ideas. >> people can say i want the newt gingrich kind of big solution approach where i know we will actually solve the problems rather than the kind of timidity that both santorum and romney represent. both is much more cautious approaches to this. >>reporter: finally, we don't want to leave out ron paul, he is focused on the caucuses in maine, which santorum has conceded will have a result there by saturday night. >>shepard: james, thank you from washington. and now the unusual case of the millionaire businessman who adopt the his adult girlfriend. this guy is accused of doing this to protect his money from wrongful death suit he is facing in connection with the 2010 cash crash that left one person dead and now his biological children
12:35 pm
who are age appropriate are fighting the adoption in the court and now to our legal panel. we have covered this a few times. interesting legal maneuver. he, his children cannot get his money because they have to be 35, and his girlfriend can't get it because she is the girlfriend, not a wife. so, he is going to adopt the girlfriend who is over 23 so ... a legal trick. but, now, the kids are, like, dad, what are you doing. >> it is brilliant legal maneuvering, however, however, however, it is the court's job to see through it. he did it with the intent to defraud and trying to get around a court ruling that said they can have the in unif you win the suit but they cannot touch the trust and he said my girlfriend can get a third of the trust and share it with me. it is against public policy and
12:36 pm
not the intention of the adoption laws. >>randy: you stole my line again. brillant legal maneuver. because it was. but, a quick study on when lawmakers write laws. you write, you say what you mean. and if you didn't say it, that means you dent mean it. the statute in florida adoption says an adult can adopt another adult, so, therefore, there is no fraud because you had no duty to say what it is you are doing and why you doing it. so, what they did, they found a loophole. if the legislature doesn't like it, let them close it. it is not incest because in florida, and the statue is clear, you can, it is really clear --. >>shepard: i love florida. fascinating and wonderful place. >>randy: football is played in ten yard increments and lawyers practice in commas and periods.
12:37 pm
you can marry your daughter in florida law, or, meaning you cannot marry your sister, even if you are not blood relatives. so, again, i wish i had thought of that. >>shepard: pretty smart. >>guest: you would agree, randy, adoptions can be thrown out for any reason. there are times where a parent is not suitable, it is not a right or a guarantee when i go to adopt a kyle. so, therefore, the court -- or an adult. so, the courts can lock at this and say, you know what, it doesn't fly. it is against public policy, it is not the legislation of intent, and we are not going to let anyone take advantage and i am sure they will. >>randy: this is ridiculous. the judge would be invading domain of the legislature, so it is not in there, so they can change it but you cannot go backwards. >>shepard: all laws are born of loopholes of existing laws.
12:38 pm
oops, we messed up, you get through but the next guy will not. you say they cannot stop it and they say they have to let it go through. i say we will watch it. an ex-television producer from "survivor," has arrived in mexico to face charges of murder. of his wife. she was fund beaten and naked in a sewer at hotel in cancun in april of 2010. he works on "survivor," and a co-creator of mtv's my ride could spend life in prison. a seven year old girl had the presence of mind to save herself from a would-be kidnapper. we will hear from the seven-year-old. and another big cruise ship problem. this time something made more than 100 people sick. and it is in the first time the crew has seen this illness.
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12:43 pm
>> i am innocent. you didn't grab that little girl. >> i didn't touch nobody. i was never there. >>reporter: never where? >>guest: where they claimed me to be. i was on the way home. >> but police say this is woods in the surveillance video, a 25-year-old ex-con on probation prowling the toy aisle of a west georgia walmart grabbing the seven-year-old and letting her go when she struggles and frees herself and yells for help from her mother. >> he grabbed me and ... and he dropped me and ran off. >> i could not believe it. it was almost unreal someone would do that to a kid. >>reporter: he will appear in court tomorrow morning facing charges including first-degree cruelty to children, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. >>shepard: for all moms and dad whose told all the little boys and girls if anybody grabs you, you kick and scream physical they let you go, proof
12:44 pm
that it works. >>reporter: absolutely, and no doubt this little girl did the right thing and she is brave and she stayed home from school yesterday with strep throat and she goes to walmart and is grabbed by a strange man, and if bliss have the right guy he was attacked by someone who spent several years in prison for killing someone. she said she does what she learned in class. >>guest: my school taught me when someone is trying to get you, you try to get away and get help from someone. rick: the store showed her the surveillance video of the attack and the suspect leaving the parking lot and she has never seen him before, and you are right, parents tell their kids this thing all the time but you never think it will happen. >>shepard: so is so cute. thank you very much. it has happened again, 100 cruise ship passengers have to cut the trip short, coming down
12:45 pm
with a highly contagious stomach virus, the same require -- same virus for the same passengers on the same ship. >>shepard:ship -- shouldn't they clean it up? >> it did, and on saturday there was a six-hour massive and thorough scrub down and the cdc thought it was good enough and they reboarded and departed from aruba for seven days and the lab tests came back showing the noro virus is what they got, last cruise and now all the passengers are coming down with -- not all of them, but a few hundred of them, and, then, it turns around and comes back to port so it was a cruise to nowhere they testify got off the ship and those that did get sick were quarantined for 24 hours of
12:46 pm
misery. >> i feel green still. so, was it fun, no, i am not happy but i am on land, my first and last cruise. >> it was a bad experience. we had people on our floor that were put if their almost and not let out. all thank you is not so fun for those that did not get sick the cruise ship paid for all their food and drink and they went out of their way to clean but those that got the virus which causes you to do two things for 24 hours and one is vomiting and it is not anything but miserable. >>shepard: sounds like it but those two ladies were awesome, i am guessing brooklyn. is this common? >>reporter: long island. and somewhat common.
12:47 pm
it happened every year. however, when you take a look at the whole big pie here on the thousand or so cruises that go out, it doesn't happen that much. according to the cdc last year 14 hull outbreaks on board a ship and 14 the year before and this is determined by 3 percent or more of the passengers getting ill and higher than that the previous two years, 15, so, 14, 15, sometimes ten a year, you take a roll of a dice when you go anywhere and unfortunately for a now hundred people on these two cruises on the "crown princess," they got very, very ill. but the cruise line is headed back out in two days. >>shepard: last stop, montalk. disturbing revelations about retaliation in the air marshal
12:48 pm
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>>shepard: new rule force women in the military. the pentagon announced women can serve closer to the front line. women have been fighting and dieing in iraq and afghanistan for a decade but now they are officially allowed to operate at the battalion level which opens up thousands of new job opportunities for women as medics and intelligence officers and radio operators and military police among others. we are learning more about allegations of bigotry and sexism and retaliation inside the air marshal service. we brought this story yesterday and now government investigators have released the full report and officials claim that federal employees filed hundreds of complaints since 2006 of senior
12:52 pm
officials mocking veterans, and mocking homosexuals and women and minorities and in one example, investigators say they found a fake jeopardy board game at the orlando,ed ifed if field office with derogatory terms for african-americans hispanics and gay employees. officials say three people involved with making the game are now gone. all told the report shows 25 percent of the air marshals say someone has discriminated against them. one in four. half say they fear retaliation. and more than half say they believe supervisors tolerate favoritism. and now aviation security expert who is live with us this afternoon. michael boyd is here with us. what do we make of all of this? there are hundreds and hundreds of complaints. >>guest: well, one more indication that homeland security is a joke.
12:53 pm
when you have harassment of this of employees trying to keep us safe we are not safe. until we get better people at the top and accountability, this will not be fixed. >>shepard: a lot of us remember when the department of homeland security firsted entered the lexicon, the fears that it would be this enormous bloated bureaucrat evening unwieldy thing, and is it your assertion that is exactly what it is? >>guest: that and more. t.s.a. was supposed to be 16,000 people and it is 65,000 and growing and no accountability and people do not know anything about security. the person running homeland security was governor of arizona which has the most porous border in the land. what do you expect? it is not security. >>shepard: when make a complain as an average person, when you say, there is obviously
12:54 pm
nothing on my arm, there is my arm, this is nothing on it, and your machine says there is something on it, when you can see there ain't a darn thing there that doesn't a right for you to feel me and if they can't come up with that most basic thing, why in the world should anyone pay attention to these people? >>guest: well, right. remember, the victims are the people in the blue shirts and the sky marshals themselves. it is the workers at t.s.a. and homeland security that are being abused by bad management because they are forced to do this nonsense. can you not have ride in that kind of an organization. >>shepard: do we need to start over with a new philosophy and a new management treasure and new ideas about what makes us safe and what, instead, just gives us the feeling that we might be safe? >>guest: we need professionals at the top. we had inspectors at the f.a.a. security and they knew what they were doing and they have been shoved out and we now have, really, retreads running the
12:55 pm
t.s.a. at the top and good people in the middle but we have to start again and start right from scratch because it is not a security organization. it is a giant bloated bureaucracy. >>shepard: when you have half the people saying they fear they will be discriminated against and a quarter saying they have been retaliated against you would think they could figure they need a new handle on this matter. >>guest: there is no question. the whole lead in story i thought, is this 1956? or is this 2012? it is nonsense. but no one gets fired. no one. no one. >>shepard: always good to see you. thank you for being here. @=h [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing
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the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. >>shepard: crazy images from mass, the northern lights, the time-lapse videos are made from hundreds of pictures from the international space station and we are told there is a first moving images of the northern
12:59 pm
lights. crazy, right? scientists say it happens when high speed sun parts of the sun crash into the either's atmosphere causing a ghostly glow. a driver in georgia, notices a radar gun and becomes the object of an attempted traffic stop. common occurrence. but in this case the rolls were reversed the cops in georgia say to men were using a rolled up magazine to simulate a police radar gun and they peeled out to catch up with the driver and tried to get him to pull over but the driver was an off-duty police officer who called the local sheriff to take care of the situation and police let the men go, no charges filed, and cops say they admitted to pulling the stunt because they were bored. how about them dogs? that it for "studio b" and back later today with the fox report


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